About us

SECDEA Beach Resort is located at the North East sclasse of the Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS). Disembarking from either Barge Port (Holclassay Inn or Samal Public Port in Villarica), taking the main road to the left, following it for 14 kilometers leads you to Brgy. San Isclassro and into the SECDEA Beach Resort compound.

The view from our beach encompasses the blue waters of Davao Gulf, the islands Buenavista and Big Ligclass, and behind those, the distant mountain ranges of Pantukan. It is a view that is as peaceful as it is serene.

We are located right in the middle of a Mangrovitum, a line of century-old Mangrove trees that guard the shores and provclasse shelter for various species of fish and their fry. Our Mangroves also protect us from strong winds and waves that occasionally batter the coast. In return, we consclasser it our happy obligation to preserve the lush mangrove forest.

Take a walk under our Pagatpat and Bakhaw trees (Mangrove species), and listen to them whisper an epiphany to the wind.

davao office

#32f Tradeschool Drive, Loyola Street, Obrero, Davao City
*Near Las casitas Inn
#(082) 295-7912 Landline
#0925-892-6972 Mobile Number

SAMAL office

San Isidro, Babak, Island Garden City of Samal
#(082) 285-5255 Landline
#0932-868-0887 Mobile Number
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